There are a lot of problems facing by natures due to the harsh behavoirs against them. But when we realised the benefits and importance of this nature’s then were are going to benefit more than what we ever thought of and we will again, feel the harmonious environment we are looking forward to see and to feel. The mountains, the water bodies, forestry’s surrounding us are all benefit to mankind. Just complete watching this documentary. 


The benefits of nature and its importances in nation building.

STREET DEBATE. The existence of God. 

Talking about the existence of God, this is one of the greatest debate of all time but there is nothing that came out from nothing, but everything came out from something. Is this going to changed your mind from there is no God mentality? The happiest in this is to respect and tolerate each others faith rather than to hate. 

The benefits of nature and its importances in nation building. 

There have been many harsh and mistreatment against nature, mean while we’re all looking forward to feel an harmonious environment but it seems we’re not doing something right by mistreating all kinds of natures, most especially the nature that are surrounding us. We all want to feel comfortable and benefit from what we’re seeing and what we’re haven as people, but there are a lot for us to know and to do. There is no way for us to feel comfortable within our various environment without treating the nature well. Whenever ever we treats nature well it also treats us well.

People sometimes pay thousands of dollar to see and to feel nature but would we feel nature whiles destroying them.

The beautiful greens that we see on tops of mountains during the early season of summer with the yellow flowers including all kinds of the beautiful roses we appreciate and praised are all wonderful of natures.

The harmonious air we breed and also the great odours we smell are also from our forestry’s.

The great comfortable relaxation that we rush for, whenever it is summer to feel the breeze and the cool weather in the various seashore and country sides are all from our wonderful water bodies surrounding us and that’s why there is a great essence for us to treat natures well and not to destroyed them because it again serves as tourism and we can have millions of income from them so let’s protect natures than to destroyed them. This is not only my country but to the entire world.

Let’s enjoyed this great documentary together by watching this eye catchy nature video 

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