Earlier today was the big day, not just a big day but was also great and fantastic day. Since last month, 5th September 2018 was when this great football carnival was scheduled by the authorities in Ellwangen which is in the Stuttgart region, in the state of Baden Wurttemberg  for the African countries within the city of Ellwangen for the first time. though this football carnival was named as the African nations cup but there are some few countries that are not Africans but also participated in this dominated African carnival and it was amazing.

The Cameroon and The guinea fans cheering up their teams there.

About six African countries participated in this football carnival that went on in the great city of Ellwangen; Togo, Guinea, Cameroon, The Gambia, Nigeria and Guinea. this was a knockout game; before the match conference, all the teams went together by accepted the fair play game and shacked themselves to show the sign of respect and tolerance as usual in football games, but this was a little bit different; it was fantastic.

this Georgian boy was the best supporter.

What made this show great is the final match. We all know how final matches are, the euphoria among the fans was very high as the moral of the playing bodies was also high. Both teams were well prepared, as the fans were also well alert to celebrate any first goal that is going appeared in the game. and whom do you think is going to get the first goal in this match? which the Nigerian fans believed since day one before this game,

that they are going to get the first goal and carried on wining the game.

I can tell you that this Nigerian fans are genius and know how to cheer up their team and no wonder that the Nigerians are one of the best African cheer up fans after the fans of Accra hearts of football club in Ghana. talking about singing or just shouting ?no, do not get there because this fans are genius. Twenty minutes before the game, all was joy,  cheering and dancing. The official song of the Nigeria supper green eagles dominated the whole place and this time it wasn’t the song of the the Nigeria supper green eagles again, but it became the official song of all nations in Ellwangen today,  the entire nations in the park enjoyed with the waleele song. The both teams played old style of the usual 4- 2-2 game. The first 20 minutes in the game that The Gambian had an infringement which was near to the eighteen yard box, which was about 23 yards when the captain of the The Gambian side,  Idrissu Pogba Cisse stepped in front of the ball and targets the polls very well, and scored a fantastic goal, that was a class and normally encounter it from the magic foots of  David Bercam,  Christiano, and Ronaldinho. Indeed when he scored the magic magnetic magnificent(mmm goal that were the names everyone on the pitch  mentioned. And this wonderful goal put The Gambia ahead of the game until the the center man blown his whistle for the first half.

The Gambian captain, Pogba celebrating his mmm goal straight in the fans.

The Nigerian who were in a yellow top at this time, but not in their usual green that we know them of made the first kick for the beginning of the second half. As the game began the Gambian team continued dominated the game even more than they did in the first half with more bull strength. They definitely made it difficult for the Nigerians to play their normal game. After twenty-fourth minutes of the second half the Nigeria midfielder Prince yemi Adeboye Olanidede made a spectacular curling to the number seven man who was one of the and the fastest winger’s that we witnessed in the game, Samuel Alade  scored the goal that saves the Nigerians from loosing the game and the entire park was revived due to their major support base there. And they carried in after the equalizer;  scored by the winger and again their danger man Samuel Alade motivated

Alade celebrated his goal with his team mates. Prince and others.

them to finished well. The game ended up 1-1. It was a penalty kick that the Nigeria won against The Gambians with. Nigeria scores 4 out of five and the Gambians also scores 2 out of 5. This made Nigeria the winners of the first African nations cup in Baden Wurttemberg state which capital is Stuttgart

I’m very disappointed and unsatisfied, because of the way we played well by taking a total dominant of the game and we lost in fact, I don’t understand it at all. Everything was alright and in order for us to win, even the officiating was one of the best since I started playing a matured soccer, and we played our best game too but we still lost the trophy but all the same congratulation to my Nigerian brothers. Thank you. Said by the Gambian captain and also the best player of the tornament, Idrissu Cisse Pogba.

before the match it was all joy and happiness in the face of the Gambian captain POGBA.

I’m short of words men! He shouted because he was over excited. I never though of, I never thought of, I was far thinking about this great moment during the first 30 minutes of the game whiles we were down by a goal and looking at the way the Gambian were playing and dominated the game until the second half after my man, Samuel Alade equalized and at the same time changed the after equalizing. That restored my hope. And truly the the trophy is in our hands now. The Gambian played well but we won the tournament and I’m congratulating and wishing them a better luck next time. By the Nigerian captain Ernest Owerehuo.

The maestro of this tournament Mr. Wies, the one who was in charged of the arrangement of this Soccer carnival made a simple statement, I’m well satisfied, the way this tournament arranged, started,  and ended is supper and I hope this is going to continue with even more sponsorship on board and continued to congratulated all the nations involved. And there are other officials who also expressed their gratitude the just ended weis

All the participated teams were handed out a set of jerseys and with exception of the finalists that had set of jerseys, cake trophy and other things.

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The carnival was even hotter after the tournament; that the were not ready to given up by continuing celebrating for the whole of the day.

The play maker and the danger man of the Nigerian side Samuel Alade was so delighted and didn’t know how to address the media and all what you can see from face was his wonderful smile and happiness after the astonished victory over the Gambians. this is what he got to informed the media. during the game-

Samuel Alade; the Nigerian winger and the equaliser

it got to a certain point that i was discouraged and thought all was over but fortunately, Things turn well for us and we won this trophy. thanks to God and also my genius fans including the media and the organizers of this tournament.



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