Another hurricane in action ”HURRICANE MICHEAL”

Hurricane Micheal conquered the Florida again and according to the sources, the heavy winds 155 mphand potentiallycatastrophic storm surges. There are several hurricanes that comes and go, we known of hurricane Cathrina, hurricane harvey and recently the hurricane Maria and now it is about hurricam Micheal.

Micheal has expanded to a large catastrophy that has wiped out places, including codtal cities and left others  swiming in debris, to the Carolina where Micheal weakened tropical storm status but still triggered flash floods that turned roads ito rivers, according to the cnn news.

six people are dead in the storm’s path and which is a very sad story, but still the authhorities fear, the posibility of the death toll to climb higher whiles the rescue team are still seching fo the missing ones. among the dead, there’s a child found dead among, in Georgia and aman in North Carolina. All the same, the coast guards have done well by rescued about 40 people and assited almost 232 people.conditions remain serious and dangerous in hard hitting areas, like Mexico beach, Floriida, which micheal left in destroys. a councilwoman fro tthere issued an urgent plea to anyone thinking of returning back right now.

*the about of MICHEAL now. AS of Thursday evening , the storm was centered about five miles northwest of Roanoke Rapids, north carolina with maxim uum sustained winds  of 50 mph.

* Power outage is up: 1.15 million consumersin six states are without power, and can not be excluded the 484,487 in the North Carolina.

*the storm is forecast to intensify: As it moves over the atlantic Oceanas apost-tropical low Thursday  and friday night, it is expectedto gain strength.

Hurricane Micheal shakes Mexico Beach

*Public health emergency decleared in Georgia: this declaration will help ensure those who rely on medicare and medicaid have access to the care they need, health and human services secretary,  Alex Azar mentioned.

We lost all we have’

Storm scenes have emerged accross the Florida Panhandle, but non perhaps worse than Mexico beach, described as ground zero of the devastation.

Receding flood water are just starting to reveal the extent of destruction . What used to bebe a gorgeous bachfront city now looks like an apocalyptic mess.

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”First the cars started floating by , and all the dabris was in the air”, Mexico  beach resident Scott Boutwell said . ”When the water came in, houses started fliating in front of our home”.

when Boutwell returned to his house, he discovered furniture in his house that wasn not his.b The walls had collapsed and the only thing he could find of theirs is brief cae”, he told the cnn.

As he looked around, a new reality set in: ”we lost everything . All the stores, all the restaurants, all. there is nothing left here anymore.

Albrecht, the Mexico beach councilwoman would like to return home, she says. the roads are impossible. She is desperate for news about the condition of her home, but she cant reach anyone, she says. She chokes up talking about it. ”I just need to know”

After the Hurricane in Florida

This time, Jinks Middle School also involved; by the destruction of Hurricane Micheal.

Also the studentsand staff at jinks Middle School have dealt with disaster before . Last year , they welcomed children who were displaced by hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

The panama city school was ripped apart by Micheal. The debris-covered floor of the school’s gymnysium is now fully visible from outside.

Principal Britt Smith chocked up as he looked at images of the decimated building.

You can’T make sense of it , but what you do is you take the situation, and what we have to make certain that our kids know is that we must be resilient,” statement made by Smith.

”Resiliency is important, and and it is an important life mesage that we all have to learn . But at thispoint,  There is  really no making sense . it is just how do we recorver?”