How being a training student in some part of Ghana may be

In the corners of the earth, from the south to the north, and the east to the west you can noticed that education “western education” is indeed growing since modern civilisation hasn’t been just the topic of all time but being the real issues of all the time.

Talking about education ‘the country Ghana is up to the standard, though it may be the best but it may not be enough

The previous in governments in Ghana have tried their best by ensuring that their people will get access of better education. Most especially, for almost decades now under the military regime of the former President of the Republic of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings did fantastically well on the side of education.

He converted a lot of technical institutions into Politechnic ‘tertiaries’ and established teacher training colleges as well by putting more effort into them. President Kuffour also did his part but there are still Challenges that the country is facing after all the efforts putting in the educational system in the country which doesn’t supposed to be faced by a country that claimed to be civilised, both formally and informally.

Being in the training clloges in most part of the world may be somehow hard but some part in Ghana may be one of the places that being in the training school is sometimes a little bit hursh and may be like a burden to student’s but student’s in the country still forcing, not just to persue their career but to serve their nation and their communities.

In the northern part of the country have been the most difficult area for students to be trained, focusing on water is one of the biggest challenges in the regions there and students can walk morethan miles for water. Just magine how the entire school most especially the ladies are going to be survived without water; it is pity and awful whenever I imaged how the girls studying in search areas are struggling bustling and hustling just to clean themselves it is always sad because the nation claimed to be civilised and showcase to the world like things are all well but not.

The country can never be ungreatful to the support of NGO’s within the country, continent and outside but it is time for the country itself ‘ the government’ to make sure that this students are going to have access of water and all the necessary acquires that can help and promote the confidence of the students especially the female students to feel alright and confidence without any obstacle or hindrance like water. It shouldn’t be a curse for being a girl only because of this we called a just, this girls may not be confidence to learn or serve their nation mean while it shouldn’t be the issue here.

This is how being a training student student in some part of Ghana may be.

to be continue on this topic.

Henry Kwadwo Boakye. The gentleman you see in your feature image carrying jelican on the head with. Both are nursing students who have passed through all difficulties in the northern part of the country being a student there is not an easy task, like in the military but the fact is that, not just focusing on my career or to pursue my vision but at least concerning about my country, my country Ghana and if I did not because of such hardships in the area, especially talking about water alone is not easy to bear, and if we did not and reject being learning or serving in those places ; we’re going to defin~definitely depend on NGO’s and other charity organisations and it will be that same hardship they are going to pass through but they will do it with happiness by serving the people. So why should we persevere. Though we are ready not just to learn in all those hardships but to also serve our country but things must be done quickly.