How often do you hear about symbols and signs, and are there any mystries behind this symbols and signs that is hidden some where we don’t know?

Symbols and signs could be found in many places, being opened or secrete places. But, normally it looks like symbols and signs are secrete and can be found in secrete places. Even sometimes, before you will get to understand well and also have the power to talk about and practice those signs, you have to be part of a particular group that uses those symbols and signs. These groups could be a religious group, ethnic or tribal group and places of authority for example, the court of justices and the palace.

Though I have figuered out some places that some of these signs could be found, but you should bare in mind that all is about authority. There are some symbols and signs that we percieves to be mere one as we normally says. A classical example is ‘tribal marks and we do consider them as “mere” because, there are no spiritual protection in most of this tribal marks but at the same time there are some marks that are very difficult to know whether there are any spiritual histories behind them or not. Most at times there are people that get this same marks with a spiritual reason.

In a few decades a go, talking about these marks were very popular in many places on this earth. As an African where this tribal marks normally exist, I have witnessed more than dozens of it and know how the normal ones symbolises a person in a particular tribe or ethnic group and a class of family, for instance a royal family and a slave family. This emphasises on the fact that the normal tribal marks are use to trace a persons background.

A Yoruba or a Hausa person who hails from Nigeria and comes from the royal family will get his whole body, including the face sometimes, tatooned with a sharp object to symbolise that he is from a royal family. The same thing was going on in the nothern part of of Ghana too. A tribe called “Frafra” in the Upper East region were also using the same method as the Yoruba and the Hausa in Nigeria were exibiting. To them, it sometimes sybolised the beauty of a person and sometimes too sybolised a persons background from a royal family or an authoritative family.

However a sick peron was also given marks and incantations are also performed. There are others too that purposely go for this marks to seek for spiritual protection. All these are the reasons why a culture or a tradition should makes amendment. Though no one can teach someone how to practice their own culture, but it is necessary to respect the right of every human, most especially those who don’t know how to talk for themselves because such an act of cuture disturbes and troubles thousands of people. The “tribal” mark makes them feel as sub-humans and they avoids going to public. However, glory be to the most high GOD that people are now understanding the importance of human right as it is rarely seen nowadays.

A beautiful lady with tribal marks.

There are many arts of symbols that we can’t forget to talk about especially, the artworks on objects. Most at times we see artworks on objects such as walls on the palace and on other religious buildings, sticks, crowns,

scrolls etc. Almost all represents authorities as I already mentioned. Looking at the slide show that is displaying below, you will see some religious buildings like the Budhas temple with some signs and symbols like snakes etc. Islamic mosques with symbols on top of their buildings, the half moon and a star with also a pot pinacles or towers.

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Many people normally sees symbols and marks as anything that can be seen as an image on objects and signs too can be seen but not just as images on objects but they are rather or normally based on actions, and they are sceret. Mostly signs are only for those who are in the same society together and it enables them to understand themselves. Often these societies are secrete society groups in this world.

The sign issue has now been the major controversial topic in today’s world of religion and faiths. When these issues arises there are two group of people that all hands are pointed to it. The one that happens to be popular and a strong influencial secrete society is the illuminati group. Many American musicians, both hipop and gospel artistes are seen to be affiliated to that group. The other one is the free maison society. It is very difficult for me to differenciate between the illumanati group and the maison because most of this stars known to be part of the illuminati, clasified themselves to be part of the free maison and even sing to praise them. The truth is that, there are hundreds of people who are in authorities that are part of the free maison group, government officials and other religious leaders. Just that, they are not bold to come out and say it. There is one person who was bold to come out as a member of the free maison and at the same time a catholic; he is the then president of the republic of GHANA, Mr. John Agyekum Kuffuor, but denied to the fact that, the free maison is a secrete society or an occultic group. He went further to say that, there was a time that the then head of the catholic church, Pope John Paul was about to award him and due to his membership in the free maison he said “the pope sent some messengers to have a confirmation from me, whether it is true that I’m part of the free maison group but the truth is I did not denied and though the catholic don’t tolerate on being part of such group but after my comfirmation the Pope went on awarding me.”

Free maison member
Mr. John Agyekum Kuffour is a former president of the republic of Ghana and also have been the head of both the Ecowas and AU. And according to him, he is now a high ranking official in the free maison society.

So can this testimony testified by Mr. Kuffour justified or vindicate the catholic of being part of the illuminati or the frree maisons and also about the pope heading the group as some are guessing ? Because of all the mysterious brouhaha attouched to this issue dfkwebcasters tried to have some research and invesgtigate from some well known catholic meseums. On Thursday, 11 october 2018 I head towards to one of the popular catholic churches in germany which is the St. Vtus basilical, where we found about 63 Popes using different finger signs and others too with the same finger signs. Because the debate is mostly based on signs, that is what I tried to find out the most. I got the opportunity to to meet some tourist’s and other people; anand some of them confirmed to me that they are strong catholics and this gave me the advantage to be curious to ask them some questions about those signs practiced by the popes with their fingers. Others were saying it is just a human way of act and I also asked, if it is a strictful tradition to act on the same way? The final answers always remained in a silence, please I’m sorry it seems i can’t tell exact meaning but I know they are just actions.

Finger signs.
These are some old pics of decades for about 63 popes using the usual finger signs in the catholic

But fortunately, I met a man who told me he is 67 years old and known as Schmidt from the Sarr Land in Germany. This man tried to convince me a lot but it seemed my questions were too much and becoming too daunt on him. After all he told me that those signs are the signs of authority, authority to conquer and authority to take over things. I said in my head, wow I’m getting there, though I don’t know who this man is, but it seems he’s the rightful one to help my understanding; so I tried to know more about this man including his background well. I later reffered to him after failing to tell me anything about him again that, Christians don’t have any authority to conquer than our prayers and he said to me, yeah, “it is a prayer too”, and after saying that he looked deep into my eyes and asked me, what are you trying to know, and why are you being so curious and smiled to me after saying this, and I also smiled back to him and appreciated him for his time and patience. I can tell you that I enjoyed this research very much and Mr. Schmidt Wiesse made my day, a very good man. At least me and my news readers knows that, for ones, those signs are for authority. Though he did not explained to me whether he’s an official or not but what he did was indicating that, he’s a strong catholic since his childhood and has a strong catholic family background.

Finger signs using by some Popes.

After all who is man to judge. Though you may not be getting things well here as I have also not due to what I saw but the signs still seems to be mystery.

Take your time and watch our documentries on this topic on our youtube channel with all the explanations with more photos and videos of this signs whether there are any relations between them and the free maison or the illuminati.


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