DFK ORG. GH. Kumasi-Ashani. Bringing hopes with actions.

Dig For Knowledge organisation Ghana(DFK). The organisation which was established since 25th October 2011 is on its for a great duty to support the development of our nation and the African continent, through researching by its members from age 7-40. Beginning in our communities, voluntarily.

This is a general research that can help any nations development to make it indeed developed and great. The all members in the organisation are equal, together with the children will be in the same room, seat, we do the research with them, and solve issues together to see our future success and for them to understand the system that may be existing in the country, in the coming future. This not just the future generation of the country but including the future leaders in the country and the continent. DFK organisation Gh is bringing hopes with actions, in Ghana.


Aboabo1, Kumasi

Mamponteng, Kumasi.

Buoho, Kumasi etc.

Coming soon!

Anyone can still join us from all angle including on social media, if not in Ghana. Contact us incase of anticipating to have such organisation in your country any part of Africa and the world as African living outside Africa. Or also to sponsor, digforknowledgenetwork2011@gmail.com

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