Atletico Madrid joins “Sco pa tu mannaa” fun.

Pataapa’s sco pa tu mana term ain’t fading away very soon. Many stars across the world has join the fan including Americans very own Wale.


Sco pa tu mana is a term we came across after Pataapa got featured on a song titled “Daavi ne ba” In the song the one “corner” hit maker were saying words which doesn’t exit on this earth and not familiar to the Ghanaian accent and there comes the “great” Sco pa tu mana term.

However after the term Ghanaian and African tweeter users decided to use the term in a different way. Mostly they post pictures and caption it Sco pa tu manaa for people to say their mind on what they have on that picture.

Shockingly one of Spanish great team Atletico Madrid has join the fun. today sighted a photo on the tweeter handle of athletic madrid where they had posted pictures of their players and captioned it Sco pa tu manaa.
This has let many people saying Pataapa is now a national treasure and needs protection.

Check the tweet below;

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