Peace Hyde recounts what she went through after her involvement in an accident.

It was in the news that doctors have declared that Ghana’s TV personality, Peace Hyde will be unable to walk for 3 months after she was involved in an accident.

Peace Hyde suffered a grade 3 ligament tear in one leg as a result of the accident, rendering her bedridden for the next three months, per doctor’s orders.

It’s being 5 weeks since Peace Hyde involved in an accident and for the first time, an image of her has surfaced online sitting in a wheel chair looking very happy.

In a post on Instagram, Peace Hyde has recount how hard it was for her when doctors broke the news to her that she wouldn’t be able to walk for three months.

According to her she was in a dilemma whether to take the pills the doctor gave her or not for the reduction of pains because she “hate” pills.She also revealed that through all those times she thought she was a failure and went through uncontrollable tears and panic attacks.

However she thinks that this is a wake up call for her as it rings in her minds that no “Journey is perfect” and she believes she is destined to greater things.

Check out her post below;

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