Worshipping of death

Religion is recently increasing, day in and day out; there are new faiths or new religions introducing and all these coming religions are haven their own followers . What they use to get this followers is a mystery and no one knows how they managed to get them.

There are already hundreds of religions in the world and each is claiming to be the best religion and it seems all this religions claims to be powerful and declares freedom by releasing people from bandages, which is to deliver them from evils. And we asked what’s the evil and what’s the good?

When we tried to know the main reasons why people are following this mystries introduced faith in the world right now, the major reason was based on to authorities and riches. That’s why the modern religious revolutionalist are also taken the advantage to overtaken the people and they try to prove anything possible for the people to believe them  because some of this people may be looking for money and they shown to them the instant money through spiritual to appeared in physical, they may be looking for a protection against gun shooting and they shown to them, powers to over taken control over things and  people . Asking people and haven  some answers from them made us realised that most of this modern religions that we’re now experiencing  is not about about doing good or bad and also not about where your soul is getting to, but it’s all about what you want and what we can give to you, it means some how according to the answers most of open our mind a little; religious is increasing, and the main point is, necause of selfishness, due to competitions which is of bad idea hidden under, and this has even trooped into some various popular religions that we already know since centuries this is what the world and the religious today is experiencing.

Santa Muerte
The skeletal mother god ‘Santa Muerte’

Whenever we talk about the death worshipping, whats comes in the mind first in this our modern day is about Santa Muerte which is popular in Mexico, and in some part of the America continent according to our research there are no religious religious movement that is growing faster, says an expert. But how serious is worshipping ‘saint death?’

Some countries that we can see this death worshippers are becoming more increasing is Argentina and in Canada. Our research was about the worshpping of death generally but finally sentenced on the Santa Muerte, though there many groups within in this faith. And Santa are the most popular death court currently. According to them, they claims to be out from the Catholic and our researched shown to us there have been problem between them and the Catholic before; when they were suspended from the Catholic which they weren’t happy of that setup the confusion between them and the Catholic Church.  They claimed the catholic are worshipping this spirit whiles hidden it from its members but they are going to worship this spirit of the death too. Through this misunderstanding brought the separation for them to chose by worshipping the Santa Muerte alone as their mother god of the death which was led by Primos Salamancas from Mexico where it’s originated seat is.

There thousands of people who haved joined this religion through direct and indirectly. Majority of this people joined and joining this are the people who according to them needed a protections through physically and spiritually but all ended up to looking for a riches and the wickedness of this modern world increasing.

The religion of the death worship ‘Santa Muerte’  haven one symbol that indicates them, which is the skeletal body of their mother god.

Through this symbols they are haven many people who are indirectly joining this their faith and supporting this faith through financially because the symbol of their skeletal is made by themselves, registered as their trade marks and selling for their people,  but there are thousands who are using this skeletal god Jewelleries and don’t know where it is coming from.

One man that claimed to be a death worshipper and highlighted many things to our news and did not want his identity to be public gave us a lot of informations and even tried to associated the Catholic to this religion as the Santa Muerte’s have done. This man shown to me a certain church to visit. According to him, there is something infront of that church and he’s not going to mentioned what is there to me, I should checked by myself, anything  in his court is what I will find in that place too, and indeed I headed towards the place; this is what I saw the man was talking about; a sitting statue of Jesus surrounded with some few items like, flowers, two written  stones in a heart shape that


indicates the love of Jesus, white powder mix with liquid and painted the feet and arms of the statue with, and a red candle. Though it was a little bit strange to me by my background ad a Christian. There is a cemetery very close to this church so I decided to get into this cemetery where I met two people who were working on the flowers inside there and through my curiosity, I went near to them and after greetings I instantly made friend with them and they gave me some histories of the St. Patrick Wolfsgang kirche, which in English is church. And proceeded by telling me that, the cemetery belongs to the catholic church in Ellwangen and that’s where they burry their people and they have been there working for about 23 years but did not mentioned any to our news related to the death worshipping.

Mr and Mrs. Wolfsgang in the St. Patrick Wolfsgang Church

This persons are Mr. David Wolfsberg and Mrs. Marian Wolfsgang and this two are couples and also kind and dedicated people.


After, our news went back to this man again to informed him, and for him to be aware that what he asked us to checked on is not what we saw incase he  may provide us more informations and details that can help and support our research to be more valuable if we’re telling our readers something about this. But it seems that was all what he was haven for us after showing to us his chambers.

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