Controversial Ghanaian Counselor Lutterodt ,has sparked some fire into the marital home of John Dumelo, a Ghanaian actor and his lovely wife Gifty Mawunya.

Report broke out wide that Dumelo’s wife was 5 months pregnant, a situation which forced the Ghanaian actor to quickly marry her and avoid any possible shame according to some ex-girlfriends of the handsome giant actor.

Counselor Lutterodt who was in the studios of Okay Fm indicated that Dumelo made a mistake if he married Gifty Mawunya because she got pregnant for him.

According to him, pregnancy shouldn’t be the basis on which one should get married, therefore, if Dumelo took the decision to marry his wife because of the pregnancy, then there’s a big error!

If a man marries a woman because of pregnancy, it becomes a conditional marriage. As a result of that, the marriage will not last.

Conditional marriage is killing people emotionally. Therefore, it is better to stay single than to marry someone under condition.

He further disclosed, issue of marrying a lady because of pregnancy has become problematic in our current dispensation. But he however said in the studios of Okay FM that if Dumelo informed the relatives of Gifty before the pregnancy, then he did the right thing per the dictates of customs and traditions regarding marriage.

John Dumlo’s wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy ‘John Setor Dumelo’  not long ago and many people are indicating how impossible it is for a couple to give rise to a child just within 4 months of marriage.